Army Reserve Length Of Service

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As republicanatheist mentioned, West Point grads are obligated to serve 5 years active, then can serve the other 3 on inactive ready reserve. No matter your rank, you are "deactiveated" at the end of your initial service obligation (indicated on the contract you sign), but you "belong" to the Army for 8 years total.

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B-roll of the U.S. Army Reserve retirement of Command Sgt. Major (CSM) Leon Caffie. Scenes include presenting of the Distinguished Service Medal to the CSM, the Certificate of Retirement, and Mrs..

Reserve in order to retain employment. Similar to traditional National Guard and Reserve members, military technicians are normally in a military status one weekend a month and two weeks a year, and are eligible for some VA benefits. They may establish eligibility for additional benefits based on the length of Guard, Reserve, or active service.

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For veterans benefit service requirements, AGR duty is the same as full-time active-duty service, which means that AGR service counts toward length-of-service requirements. Individual Ready Reserve When a person signs an enlistment contract, they obligate themselves to the military for a total of eight years.

Below you will find the name, length and location of officer training for each Service: Army, Army Reserve and army national guard. basic officer leaders.

Q & A: Length of Service Answer: Your initial military service obligation will be for six years of participation (one weekend a month and two weeks once a year), plus two years of inactive status (you are no longer expected to attend drills, but you could still be activated by the President).). Subsequent enlistments can be from two to

The Reserve Components of the Armed Forces are: The Army National Guard of the United States, The Army Reserve, The Navy Reserve, The Marine Corps Reserve, The Air National Guard of the United States, The air force reserve, and The coast guard reserve. All Reserve and Guard service members are assigned.

The Massachusetts National Guard consists of both the Massachusetts Army. The National Guard is by far the oldest component of any of the uniformed services.. components like the Army Reserve and the Air Force Reserve) to enforce the law.. Some benefits are based upon the length of your initial enlistment.